Established in 1954, Grapevine Market was originally a corner drug store known as Wesley Drugs.  In 2010, Sam and Matt Gumma turned Wesley Drugs into the Grapevine Market convenience store.  They installed the Beer Cave, ten door cooler and shelves of wine and liquor.

In April 2014, Angus White and his son, Eric, purchased the Grapevine Market.  Eric ran the store daily with his Labradoodle, Chewie, while Angus continued his banking career.

After a long struggle with cancer, Eric passed away in October 2016.  Angus and Eric's stepmother, Sharon, both retired from banking careers, began running the store and the Grapevine Market is now truly a "Mom and Pop" store.  On a daily basis you will see Angus and Sharon, along with Chewie and his little sister, Maggie who serve as our welcoming committee.  When Angus and Sharon aren't there, we have a great team to help you, Jon, Erik and Graham.

We welcome dogs in the store and serve milk-bones and Beggin Strips for Chewie's and Maggie's friends.